The Products

Exocetus vehicles are designed to be inherently flexible in application. Below is a small sample
of services, markets or industries we can serve.

MOD2 Glider


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The MOD2 Glider™ is the next step forward in long duration subsea monitoring. Designed for the user, the glider can be easily configured, features a large sensor bay, and runs open software that can support both off-the-shelf and custom sensors. The powerful engine autonomously transitions through fresh and salt water.

Tridens AI Autonomy Mission Planner

Enabling autonomous maritime operations for commerce and national security

Exocetus is developing a user-friendly, distributed, and resilient software platform to enable organizations to develop, deploy, update, and manage their fleet of autonomous vehicles. We believe that providing every day users an easy to use tool to manage their autonomous platforms will enable them to achieve their objectives effeciently.