Exocetus vehicles are designed to be inherently flexible in application. Below is a small sample
of services, markets or industries we can serve.

Offshore Wind

As offshore wind energy grows, so to will the demands for siting, evaluation and monitoring.  Exocetus gliders can provide persistent data collection around wind farm sites, measuring acoustic impact on the ecosystem and providing insights into the water conditions.  

Oil & Gas

What’s happening below the surface of the water is critically important to oil and gas infrastructure.  Exocetus gliders can be outfitted with a variety of sensors to provide a long term lens below the surface.  From acoustic monitoring of impacts on marine mammals, to patrolling along pipelines looking for leaks, Exocetus gliders provide a the data you need.


Feeding our planet is no small task, and aquaculture will play a huge role for the foreseeable future!  Exocetus gliders can provide consistent water quality monitoring around aquaculture sites, providing early detection of problems and records of ecosystem health.  

Security & Defense

Exocetus gliders can be equipped with both passive and active sensors, projecting coverage and intelligence gathering below the surface. From protecting ports to monitoring shipping traffic around the world, Exocetus gliders can provide needed intelligence in near real time.

Mammal Monitoring

As our activities on the seas grow, so to do the impact on marine mammals. Exocetus gliders can be outfitted with various passive acoustics to locate, identify and track these mammals over large areas and long periods of time.

Environmental Monitoring

No matter what you want to measure, the Exocetus gliders can do it! From red tide monitoring to oxygen hypoxia measurements, the Exocetus gliders will provide data over long periods of time.

Shows & Events

Acoustic Glider Demo - May 24, 2021

Exocetus is modernizing and adding new innovations to our tried and true MOD2 glider. The goal of the innovation effort is to increase the capabilities and endurance of the MOD2.

3D Printed Subsea Glider Demo - June 21, 2021

Exocetus is working on an underwater glider that is composed entirely of 3D printed materials and parts capable of operating at 300 meters. The goal of the 3D printed glider project is to reduce production cost by 50% and production time by 80%.

Air Launched Glider Demo - July 26, 2021

Exocetus is working on an underwater glider that is capable of being deployed from aerial vehicles. The goal of the air-launched project is to increase the speed and range where gliders can be deployed while decreasing cost of deployment.