Our Services

Exocetus vehicles are designed to be inherently flexible in application. Below is a small sample
of services, markets or industries we can serve.

Engineering & Design


The MOD2 Glider™ is the next step forward in long duration subsea monitoring. Designed for the user, the glider can be easily configured, features a large sensor bay, and runs open software that can support both off-the-shelf and custom sensors. The powerful engine autonomously transitions through fresh and salt water.

R/V Martha Maria

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The R/V Martha Maria was acquired by Exocetus in 2020 to serve as a capable testing platform for our vehicles. Formerlly a reserach vessel for a US University, the Marth Maria is outfitted with advanced power systems, towing and launch capabilities, ample deck space and protected working areas. We are happy to make our vessel's time available to customers.

Marine Mammal Avoidance Program

respecting the oceans

As we conduct more research and utilize the oceans for national security purposes, we must
respect the ecosystems that already exists there. As we test our next generation submersible
systems, we want to ensure that our tests don't interfere with the existing marine ecosystems.
As a result, we've developed computer vision systems capable of detecting marine ecosystems.
To allow other to utilize our systems and ensure that we're good stewards of the oceans,
we've open sourced our computer vision models for anyone to use.

Please check out a demo of our AI/ML model in use here:

Marine Mammal Detection Demo